Easily increase your profits by up to 32%!

Get back the money Amazon owes your
business — IN 5 SIMPLE STEPS

       STEP 1

We chat a bit and get to know each other;

       STEP 2

You have us audit your Amazon Reports;

       STEP 3

Our expert auditors identify discrepancies;

       STEP 4

We file reimbursement claims  to Amazon;

       STEP 5

Amazon refunds you the money they owe.

What We Do For You


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We analyze your Amazon FBA seller reports.

We identify which items qualify for reimbursements.

We manually file reimbursement claims…

All so you can recover the money Amazon owes your FBA business from every single source, including:

  Lost Items

  Damaged Inventory

  Missing Inventory

  Inbound Shipments

  Failed Customer Returns

  Wrongful Customer Refunds

  Customer Returns Over 30 Days

And More!

Why Choose FBA Refund Finders?

You Don’t Have  To Do Any Work

We’ll handle every step of the reimbursement process. All you need to do is focus on running your business without any headaches.

Full Amazon TOS Compliance 

While this should be a given, many other Amazon FBA refund services take shortcuts. Our experts make sure everything is done by the book.

We File All Your Cases Manually

To maximize successful case filings and minimize potential risk. Relying on automated audit software leaves gaps that our experts fill.

Absolutely No Upfront Costs

We don’t accept any payment until you get paid. Your ongoing profit and growth is our main priority. We know that requires a steady cashflow.

We Work In The Background

Your peace of mind is important to us, so we strive to give you zero headaches. You’ll know we’ve done our job when you get the check and report.

You’re Always Kept In The Loop

At the end of each month we’ll send you a process report. They’re simple summaries, but showcase all we’ve done to maximize your profits.

Reliable and Fast Partner Support

Need anything? We strive to offer the best support possible. Our team is working on the double to solve any issues within less than 24 hours!

 Maximize Your Profit Margins

A small percentage of lost revenue can mean a big difference in profit. Our clients have recovered up to 18% of revenue and increased margins by 46%

We Cover All The Refund Scenarios

You can be sure that you recover 100% of the money Amazon owes you. We investigate all possible refund reasons. Even the very rare ones.

 Get  Reimbursed Immediately

Start working with us and you’ll get your first reimbursement as quickly as Amazon moves! We’ll get working on your case filings right as we sign.

How This Works For You

Think you can do all this yourself?

Get Your FREE Introductory Guide and
Learn How To Recover Hundreds Of Thousands From Amazon!

In this unique guide, we detail the entire process you must follow to recover the money Amazon owes you. We go over the various scenarios in which Amazon can withhold your money and guide you on how to claim your dues.

  • Learn how to recover THOUSANDS owed by Amazon;
  • Find out the top 5 ways in which Amazon owes you money;
  • Discover the techniques you need to use to analyze your Amazon account reports for reimbursement opportunities;
  • Understand the step-by-step process you need to go through to recover the money you deserve from Amazon;
  • Get instant access to knowledge that 99% of Amazon sellers do not know when analyzing their reports for reimbursement opportunities;
  • Learn how to make sure your reimbursement claims are in accordance with Amazon TOS, to avoid getting your account suspended;
  • Get FREE access to refund claim templates that you can use right away to recover your money;
  • Find out our top 10 tips to make sure you leave no money on the table and maximize your profit margins;
  • Understand our unique process of quickly and rapidly recovering thousands for you in no time, at no risk to your business!

All You Have To Pay Is...

0% Up-Front!

Your first audit is 100% FREE. We will go over your reports and provide you an accurate estimate of your potential profits. You’ll then get reimbursed directly by Amazon for a whole month before we charge you a single dime!

Only 20% Commission!

After the first month, and each month after that, you’ll be invoiced for 20% of the recovered amount. Nothing more. You keep the bulk of the reimbursements as pure profit! And you get to save time and stress, while minimizing risk.

Our Raving Reviews

Vlad and his team are impressive. They recovered tens of thousands for us in reimbursements, with almost no work on our side. They integrate flawlessly with our team, and their work is invisible – we just see money coming into our pocket! Amazing!

Amy Lutz, Private Label Business Owner

Easy, seamless way to get money back from Amazon that you otherwise would not have time to pursue. Their work was efficient, without requiring much time from my staff. And the results were great. Got back $2,700 on the first attempt, with more to come.

Ron Scharman, CEO, FlyWithWine

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